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Social Studies is a diverse discipline in which all subjects are meant to gain a better understanding of human behavior. With such knowledge, children and young adults may better understand the world they live in and to learn how to participate as a global citizen. Social studies courses offer students the ability to read, debate, research, and write about a wide variety of topics and become knowledgeable about the broader global world.

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US History

American History is a survey of the political, economic, and socio-cultural development of the United States from colonial settlement to the present day. Students will gain an understanding of important historical events through the course of American history by discussing the cause and effect of these events and evaluating the long-term impact on the nation and the world. Students will work with tutors on historical thinking skills like inquiry and analysis. Students will work with historical period materials like government documents, diaries, letters, and photographs which will guide the student through US history. Students will also look at different historians and their interpretation of history. Students will also work on writing and research skills with our tutors.

World History

World History traces the development of human civilization from the first civilizations to current issues facing the globe. Students will learn about how human interactions change the world and help develop cultures. Our world history tutors work with students on reading historical documents from various time periods. Students will work on discussion skills and analytical skills. To accomplish this, our tutors will work with students on gaining an understanding of the relationship between major events around the world. Students will also get assistance with critical reading and writing skills. Our tutors will coach students through common classroom tasks like historical essay writing and completing document-based question assignments.


In geography, students will learn how humans interact with their environment to develop cultural, political, and economic systems. Students will learn about a variety of maps and how information and data can be displayed on those maps to tell the story of human development. Students will practice using geographic tools and skills to interpret data to explain issues like migration and patterns of settlement. Students will use the information to explore similarities and differences among various regions of the world. Students will also look at information to determine how geography affects culture, politics, and economics. Our tutors will work with students on complex analytical and writing skills necessary for successful course completion.

European History

European History traces the growth of European culture, politics, and economics from the 1400s to the present. Because European history is focused on one region of the world, our tutors can work with students on gaining an in-depth knowledge of the continent. Students will learn about the causes and consequences of Europe’s role in the world and how those decisions have impacted humans. Students will examine a variety of resources to gain an understanding of Europe’s role in the world. Tutors will use information from varying sources to help students gain a full understanding of European history. Tutors look at historical documents from various eras which not only helps to learn content, but also helps to build reading and critical thinking skills.

Government and Politics

Government and Politics introduce students to the function of the American political system. Students learn about the foundations of the government through founding national documents and history. They also learn how the local, state, and national governments all work together. Our tutors will work with students on strategies to understand how the US government system works. They will discuss topics like the differences between local, state, and national governments. Tutors will also use current and historical events to help students understand the function and role of government in our daily lives. Tutors will help students research topics and create arguments for or against political decisions. Students will work with students on critical reading and writing skills by examining a variety of sources. They will also work on writing skills by learning how to research information, develop an opinion, and support their opinion with evidence.


Economics is the study of how people and institutions make decisions regarding the use of available resources (e.g., monetary, natural, human, and manufactured). Our economics tutors will work with students to understand economic concepts in both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Students will learn about basic economics and how they influence decision making and personal choices. Tutors will work with students to understand economic data and analyze ways that information can be used to make decisions. Students will also learn how governments use economic information to create policies and laws. Tutors will also work with students to examine a variety of sources like current events to help illustrate how economic decisions affect our daily lives. Tutors will guide students on their understanding of personal finance as required by the economics class through various activities, such as understanding banking and use of credit.


In Psychology, students will gain an overarching understanding of the development of humans, human behavior, and human development. Our tutors will use a variety of information, such as case studies and journals, to gain an understanding of why people do what they do. Students will also learn to use research skills to analyze issues in psychology. Tutors will work with students on psychology concepts and terms. They will also help students apply knowledge to case studies and research assignments by examining different scenarios and conditions for behavior.


Sociology offers a unique understanding of how people interact with one another as individuals and in groups. This course looks at various issues like gender roles, religion, and poverty, which are some of today’s most pressing issues. Tutors will work with students to discuss issues in sociology by examining a variety of resources. Students will look at reports involving graphs and statistics to interpret results and analyze the effects of sociological issues around them. Students will also learn to apply writing and argumentation skills to justify their hypothesis. Tutors will also use sources from news headlines and articles to case studies to help students fully understand concepts and topics in sociology.


Health is designed for students to learn and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Students will discuss and look at a variety of topics like maintaining one’s health, nutrition, and eating choices. Students will also gain an understanding of the importance of exercise and the effects of using substances like drugs and alcohol. Our tutors will work with your student to understand these topics and other current issues that teens may face. Tutors will work with students to develop arguments for their research, and compare and contrast different research results. Students will also continue to work on reading and writing skills in health by examining expert opinions. Tutors will also help students understand and apply health and wellness topics by work through case study scenarios and examples.

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