Getting Started

Simply submit an online tutor inquiry form through “Find a Tutor” . Once you fill out the inquiry form, you will receive a free phone consultation to discuss your student’s specific needs and provide you with the best-fit tutor.

We maintain a 3-day turnaround time for most requests. It typically takes less than a week to get an ideal tutor match for the student and for the first session to take place.

No, we match your student with a tutor based on the information you provide during the phone consultation. We take into consideration academic and learning background, as well as, possible scheduling conflicts. As a result of this process, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be matched with a specific tutor, but we assure you that you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Tutoring Sessions

We offer online tutoring through Lessonspace. This is an interactive platform that connects the student to the tutor through video conference. You can log into your class from your home, office, dorm, or anywhere with a computer that has a stable, high-speed internet connection.

On average, most sessions last about 1.5 hours in length. You can select the duration of each session that best fits your student’s learning needs. We recommend that each tutoring session does not exceed more than three hours in length.

After each session, you will be asked to complete a short survey that provides us feedback about your tutoring experience. Your feedback helps us improve our service and provide the best experience possible! You can also contact us at any point by sending us an email .

If at any time you are not pleased with the tutor, please contact us at . We have a huge pool of highly qualified tutors, so if the first match does not work out we can easily find you a tutor that better fits your student’s needs and learning style!

If you need to reschedule a session, first cancel it by logging into your account and then schedule a new time. You must cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance to not be charged for the session.

Pricing & Billing

Our pricing varies depending on the student’s unique needs. We have tiered pricing, as well as, packaged rates. For more information, please contact us for a detailed pricing overview.

Our foremost goal is to connect you with the best tutor to fit your needs, learning style, and personality. Our pricing differs based on the subject level, type of tutoring and type of package. Your quoted price will be as personalized as your learning experience. For more information, please submit a tutoring request through ” Find a Tutor ” on our website. You will receive a free phone consultation with one of our tutoring consultants who will make recommendations that fit your goals and budget.

Tutors are only responsible for tutoring and managing the student’s progress. All payments must be completed through CreativeK12. Tutors cannot accept direct payments from parents and students. CreativeK12 makes it easy to make payments, so you can focus on unlocking your learning potential!

Purchases are non-refundable and are not shareable or transferable. Hours purchased expire one year from the date of purchase. We are confident that at least one of our tutors in our pool will suit your exact needs, but we understand that sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there. If you are not comfortable with your tutor following the first session, please contact us at and we’ll find you a tutor who will be a better match. We won’t charge you for the first hour with the original tutor. Throughout the engagement, we will work closely with you and your tutor to ensure your satisfaction, from start to finish.


  • Please note that all purchased packages must be completed within two years from the date of purchase. Any unused hours will expire two years after the purchase date.
  • If the student needs to cancel or reschedule a scheduled 1:1 session for any reason, he/she must give the CreativeK12 educator a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Sessions not canceled with at least 24 hours’ notice will incur a late change fee equivalent to one hour of the missed session type.
  • If the student is unable to provide advance notice due to illness, emergency, or extenuating circumstances, he/she should communicate this to his/her tutor as soon as possible. CreativeK12, at its sole discretion, may waive the late change fee in such cases.
  • The student who does not show up for his/her scheduled session or who is more than 20 minutes late is considered a no-show. A no-show session will be treated as a missed session equivalent to one hour of the missed session type.
  • The student acknowledges that each lesson provided on CreativeK12’s designated online platform can be recorded to make lessons available for student review of the lesson.
  • The student agrees not to disclose, reproduce, sell or distribute to any third party any information regarding CreativeK12 materials (online and print), content, software, videos, recordings, session transcripts, copyrights used in or related to the program, and agrees to use such information only for your personal, non-commercial use.
  • Purchases are non-refundable.

Our tutor’s time, as well as, the student’s time is very valuable. We have this attendance policy in place to make sure that time and resources are being used effectively. We want every student to be successful and unlock their learning potential, that is why we highlight the importance of being on time for each session.

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