Summer School
Admissions Consulting

CreativeK12 Summer School Admissions Consulting Service is designed to guide international students through the US summer school process, and help students identify and gain admission to summer schools that best fit their goals and interests, thereby improving their academic foundations and help them develop new skills sets for the future.

Why is Summer School Important?

  • Gives you the opportunity to dive into one or more subjects you’re most passionate about and decide if you should pursue it at university and beyond
  • Showcases your dedication and commitment to both the subject and to your academic profile to make your college application glow
  • Prevents summer learning loss
  • Expands your horizons, allows you to meet new friends from around the world and gives you insight into how other students live and study
  • Helps you keep a routine while exploring a new city, making new friends, and experiencing life more independently

Our Services

Student’s academic and interest assessment

School selection suggestions for the student

Finalized summer school list (up to 3 schools)

Application support and counseling

Guidance on admission requirement

Personal Statement Support if needed

Supplemental Essays & Short Essay Answer Prompts Support if needed

Why Choose CreativeK12?

Professionalized 1:1 counseling:

  • evaluate your student’s strength and opportunities
  • prepare a highly personalized admission plan to meet your child’s specific needs

Top-notch admissions experts:

  • have extensive admissions experience in maximizing your student’s chances of getting accepted into the most competitive programs.
  • provide comprehensive guidance on writing an unforgettable personal statement.

Student Success team:

  • consists of admissions counselors and essay editing experts to navigate your student’s journey through his/her summer school admissions process so your student is always in control of his/her own summer school admissions journey
  • tracks each student’s ongoing admissions progress, maintains and updates the student’s records to drive and oversee the whole admission process

How does CreativeK12 work?

Background and experience assessment

Provides a one-on-one consultation to understand your student’s academic background and diagnose your student’s needs

Finding The Right Fit

Our consultants possess a wealth of information about colleges and universities,    and will help your student find the summer schools that best fits him/her.

Personalized Guidance

Guides your student through each step of the application and provide a comprehensive strategy for completing the process according to each school’s application requirements.

Offer Evaluation

Provides professional advice on summer school offers.

Review and Submit Application

Assists your student in preparing application materials, reviewing all the information entered and completing the application on time.

Essay Assistance

Helps your student craft a compelling personal statement and/or supplementary essays to demonstrate your student’s particular interests, passions and inner uniqueness.

Summer School Course Catalogue

Creative Writing, Journalism and Public Speaking
Chemistry, Biology and Neuroscience
Physical Sciences
Earth, Space and Environmental Science
Law, Politics, Public Policy and International Affairs
Arts, Design and Architecture
Music (piano, voice, guitar, organ, violin, bass, music technology, etc.)
Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science
Medical and Health Sciences
Computer Science and Engineering
Philosophy and Social Sciences
Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship
Theater, Film, Television and Media
World Languages (German, French, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
Personal Development (Evidence-based, college-level strategies for time management, note taking, studying, reading, writing, discussion, and public speaking; sports such as Golf, Swimming, Tennis, etc.
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CreativeK12 is a trusted leader in online academic and tutoring services. We offer an extensive range of subject tutoring, standardized test preparation, and academic admissions counseling. Our team matches each student one-on-one with one of our professional educators, who customizes specific lesson plans to fit their educational needs and provides regular on-going progress reports to parents.

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